Full EP: Kira Kosarin – Songbird Zip Mp3 Download

Kira Kosarin – Songbird Free Mp3 Zip Download

Kira Kosarin would prefer if you could put aside the fact that she was the teenage star of Nickelodeon’s The Thundermans and simply listen. The 21-year-old, who was first introduced to the world as Phoebe Thunderman on the hit series, spent four seasons harnessing her acting abilities and inhabiting an image that never really allowed for her to express who she truly is. It’s why she spent her free time refining her skills as a musician and songwriter, stealing spare moments to practice the guitar and concentrate her adolescent experiences into R&B-inflected testimonials about life, love and figuring out who you’re meant to be.

Lead single “Vinyl” is emblematic of the set, rife with crackling acoustic guitar arpeggios, velveteen vocals and lyrics about her awakening to contemporary soul and hip-hop, courtesy of an ex-boyfriend that inspired much of her early writing. Standouts include “Poison,” a swinging reflection on being attracted to someone toxic and pursuing it regardless; “Wandering Eyes,” a plucky kiss-off to the ex that you can’t shake off; and the smoky, introspective “Love Me Like You Hate Me” where she gives into carnal predilections.


  1. Songbird (Intro)
  2. FaceTime
  3. First Love Never Lasts
  4. Something To Look Forward To
  5. Loving You Silently

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