Download Mp3: KAROL G – BICHOTA (Full Mp3)

“BICHOTA” is the single from Colombian reggaeton artist KAROL G after their hit “Ay, Dios Mío!” which was released four months earlier. This time KAROL G presents us with a strong reggaeton song, which was revealed for the first time on October 19, 2020, by posting a preview uploaded to his Instagram

KAROL G in the previous days uploaded several Instagram stories and a tweet with the letter “B” that stood for “BICHOTA.” The word “bichota” is the feminine name of bichote that was used to refer to a drug lord. However, nowadays it is a word often used in the urban genre to show off or demonstrate the power and influence that one possesses. In this case, it may be used to empower women, a recurring theme in KAROL G’s music.


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