10 Ways To Move Files From PC To Flash Drive

This newsletter is geared toward placing you via on the way to move the movie or movies you downloaded in your mac pc or windows for your usb flash power.

Under is how you can move approximately it.

1. Search for the movie you intend downloading on any website recognised for downloading films e.g youtube.

2. Ensure that the film you chose is genuinely safe.

3. Click on at the download button and allow the movie to be fully downloaded.

4. Whilst the download is entire, plug your flash drive into your laptop.

5. Reproduction the film file by way of clicking ctrl + x. while this is finished, it’ll not be in your computer. but if you want it to nevertheless be in your pc, click ctrl + c.


6. Click on on the windows emblem that is placed at the bottom-left corner of the display.

7. Type in “this laptop” and it’s going to appear at the top of the begin menu. while you click on on it, a window will open.

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8. Whilst the window opens, you may see a segment named “devices and drives” that is placed closer to the center of the window. when you double-click on the name of your usb flash drive, it’ll open.

9. Whilst the flash power’s window opens, click or press ctrl+v. whilst this is completed, the movie document you propose copying or pasting will seem inside the flash pressure. it may take some minutes relying on the document length.

10. As soon as the movie record has been successfully transferred for your flash pressure, click on on the icon with a flash power shape that’s placed at the bottom-proper corner of the display screen. while you see it, click eject at the menu that could pop-up. after that is performed, you could unplug your flash pressure correctly.


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